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Myth 3:  Revelation 2:12-17
Toleration Proves Christ's Love

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BALAAM WAS AN INTERESTING PROPHET. He heard God's word, but looked for ways to get around it to fulfill his own desire. Balaak, the king of Moab, wanted a prophet to curse the Israelites. He sent for Balaam. God told Balaam not to go. He went anyway.

Even though Balaam knew he could not go against God's word and speak a curse against the Israelites, he instructed Balaak how to lead the Israelites into sin and to bring God's judgment upon them. He taught Balaak how to "get around" God's word.

Today's churches are filled with prophets and teachers who teach the pure word of God while at the same time being tolerant of sin and giving people justification for continuing in their sin.

What was once unacceptable in the church is now acceptable in the modern church.

For example:

Rock music, with all its attitude, hardness, darkness and restlessness is acceptable as long as the words speak about Jesus--this is the way of Balaam.

Couples living together outside of marriage is o.k. as long as they have committed themselves to each other--this is the way of Balaam.

If we are loving and kind and doing good works, God will overlook the sin we continue in; after all, He understands--this is the way of Balaam.

It is o.k. for sodomites to be named a Christian and to become ministers of the gospel--this is the way of Balaam.

The way of Balaam has done an exceptional job "crossing over" popular culture into the church.

There use to be a marked difference between Christians and non Christians in what they watched, read, listened to, and in how they lived every day life. Today that difference is so blurred that there is no immediate identification.

Balaam's doctrine is so strong in our modern church that it is difficult to preach a strict line of demarcation from our pulpits today.

There is an indictment against the modern church: it is teaching a beautiful message of hope--that Christ will return to make all things new, yet it conforms God's standards to fit every whim because "God is love" and "He understands".

It is time to return to God and fear Him more than the sin we continue in.

It is past time to hold Christ's standards high. Toleration while embracing the doctrines of Christ equates to "another gospel" without Christ as it's head.

It is time to return to sound doctrine, no matter what it may cost.

Holding fast God's word while continuing in sin leads only to various corruptions. One of these is the belief that receiving women preachers advances the church. This will be explained further in Myth #4