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Myth 4:  Revelation 2:18-29
Women's Authority Equals Man's

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THE EPITAPH OF OUR CULTURE may very well be, ďMy best men are women,Ē as the spirit of Jezebel continues to capture our culture.

Jezebel was more than a seductress gazing into the eyes of a man. She was a usurper of her husbandís leadership, seeking dominance over him.

Revelation chapter two verse twenty makes it clear that Jezebelís spirit will be a sign of the last days. Also, Isaiah chapter three verse twelve makes it clear that a womanís dominance is an act of judgment from God for sin. The bottom line is: it is not a good thing when women take leadership over the man.

Revisiting 1 Kings, we find that Jezebel is seen as more spiritual than her husband, is manipulative, and rules over her husband. Ahab is pictured as weak, angry, and depressed. Sounds too much like our culture today doesnít it?

Who is the spiritual leader in the home and church today? Whose vision is followed in the home? Who is really in control in your home? Dad? Mom?

The issue is not who has the greater ability and know how. The issue is Godís design. It is God who created and established the order for all His creation. He knows what is best. When we move from Godís order, that is when things become unstable.

Imagine what life would be like if the sun moved further from the earth? It would get pretty cold wouldnít it? Or if it moved a tad closer to the earth? The heat would be unbearable. The sun and the moon have their ordained orbits. Moving from these positions just a little would mean disaster for you and I.

God designed all things, seen and unseen, for a specific purpose. When God's design is disturbed, it spells catastrophe. It is no different with God's ordering of man and woman. It is the man who is designed to be the leader and teacher in the home, church, and the culture at large. To move from this order is to move into difficulties.

There is an indictment against the modern church: it has transferred leadership from the man to the woman.

It is time to return to God and live according to his design and order for the family, the church, and culture.

It is past time to hold Christ's standards high. Return to Godís order. Return to Godís design. It is time to return to patriarchy.

It is time for men to be passionate about being men.

Women usurping manís God ordained role leads to various corruptions. One of these is thinking that the church is alive when in reality it is dead. This will be explained further in Myth #5.