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Myth 5:  Revelation 3:1-6
Life Equated to Sophistication

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I LISTENED TO A PASTOR, who spent over $400,000 annually on billboard advertising, comment that, “If we were as great as we say, we don’t need billboards.” He no longer uses advertising to grow his church.

Our present age is an age of images. If we create the right image, that is what matters…regardless of whether there is substance, passion, or life in it. The modern church seeks to “convince” others that they are alive, when they should be “showing” others through their lives.

Revelation chapter three, verses one through six, warns that a good reputation without passion equals death. It is not enough to do ministry, to pray, to preach, or to evangelize unless the Holy Spirit empowers with life and passion. Action without the Holy Spirit translates into a life that is no different than those without Christ. It was the Barna Research Group that measured “born again” Christians in 131 categories and found that the line of demarcation no longer separates Christians from non Christians. The modern church looks and sounds like a Christian, but is no different in character than anyone else.

How did the church get into this mess? It neglected to watch and to hold fast God’s standards and is now confused as to what those standards are. The modern church has also neglected to strengthen those in the church. How do you strengthen someone with standards, when you are confused about the standards yourself?

What is the solution to our deadness? To return to the old paths. To hold onto the teachings of our youth and, if necessary, to repent of our departure. We need to sing loud, “Gimme that old time religion…it was good enough for my ol’ grandma…and it’s good enough for me.”

There is an indictment against the modern church: it appears to have life, but is dead. It no longer watches how it lives nor strengthens its members.
It is time to return to God and allow the life of the Holy Spirit to fill us with power and passion.

It is past time to hold Christ's standard’s high.

It is time to return to that “old time Christianity.” That Christianity that was raised on the KJV, raised on women wearing dresses, raised on women working at home, raised on men taking the leadership, raised on prayer at meal times, raised on family worship, raised on believing that there is a God relevant to our day-to-day living, and believing that the Bible is truly God’s word to man.

To continue to live in death while thinking that we live leads to various corruptions. One of these is thinking that we are invincible. This will be explained further in Myth #6.