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Myth 6:  Revelation 3:7-13
Christians Are Invincible

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IN REVELATION 3:7-13 WE ARE confronted with a church that is given an open door. What is the reason for this open door? Because the church is going through much persecution, is weary, and has but a little strength left in their fight to uphold Godís word and His name. The open door is given not to take away their persecution, but to give assurance that God is with them. God has a plan.

Too many preachers teach this open door permits Christians to tap into a reservoir of strength that allows them to conquer their foe, take dominion over this present world, and to arrogantly command Satan to flee.

It would be hard to convince these Philadelphia Christians that God promised relief out of their physical sufferings. Their relief would come patiently enduring more persecution. Godís assurance is that they will be spared the hour of temptation released by God in Revelation 14:7. Their hope is that they will either be martyred or raptured out of their present persecution.

The modern church lives under the illusion that the devil and his troubles can be eliminated from our lives with a wave of a prayer and just a little more faith.

The modern church forgets that the world is given to the authority of the devil, that is why he is called the god of this world ( 2 Corinthians 4:4). The modern church forgets that we are not to fear them that can kill the body (given authority over the physical), but to fear Him who can destroy both body and soul. (Matthew 10:28)

The modern church is delusional, teaching that the Anti-Christís wrath will not be against them. (Revelation 6:9; 20:4; 12:17)

There is an indictment against the modern church: it lives in arrogant confidence that it is above harm by the world.

It is past time for the church to wake up to the fact that we are in enemy territory, the enemy is without mercy, and our mission is not to take dominion over the world, but to set captives free.

It is past time for each and every Christian to lay down his life, quit seeking to build a life, to set aside everyday distractions, and to strive to set the captives free. We are not able to change the course of Godís plan: the world will continue to go from bad to worse. Our mission is not to strive for political, social, and economic change. Our mission is to rescue the captives.

To continue to focus on politics, social, and economic change will lead to various corruptions. One of these is thinking that material plenty equals spiritual health. This will be explained further in Myth #7